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It’s All About the Wool…

It’s All About the Wool…

We are excited to announce…

raniRani Cagle, AKA: Rani Loveswool, will be teaching a series of classes to help us learn more about the world of wool.  She welcomes all fellow fiber artists of all kinds.  She has been in the art for quite a few years now and enjoys crocheting, knitting, weaving, spinning, and dyeing… so very many things.

She runs a sustainable farm nestled in the Ozarks that offers local wool, fresh produce and eggs.  Her farm provides a forever home for rescues too.  All her fibers are harvested humanely and she has a mission with heart and compassion at the core.  All of her fibers are hand-processed from raw fleece, which is an aspect of the art the she thoroughly enjoys.  She is fun-loving humanitarian and always looks forward to meeting new people and sharing her knowledge of the art.

We are privileged to have her come to our store and teach every 4th Saturday each month, so set your reminders to sign up for all of her classes…

We will need to patiently wait until sheering season is over and her fleeces are prepared before she can come to teach us.  With that said, her first class will be on April 23rd from 1pm to 5pm.  Class is 4 hours long with a 20 minute break.   Deadline to sign up is Thursday, April 21st.


This class will introduce you to the following:

  • Types of fiber
  • Adding Synthetics
  • Staple Length
  • Sensitive Fibers
  • Fiber Alignment
  • Different Batts for Different Projects
  • Using the Batt
  • The Carding Cloth

There will be “Playtime”, so you will have the opportunity to work with batts and understand the technology of wool.  This class cost is $45.00 and class size is up to 16 people, so be sure and reserve your spot today…

Other potential classes to look forward to are:

  • Fiber Prep for Worsted Spinning
  • Handcombing
  • Rovings from your Carder
  • Rovings from your Combs
  • Beginning Spinning
  • Knitting with Locks (Experience Knitters Please)
  • Felting Scarves
  • The Blending Board

This will be an exciting adventure to partake in during 2016, so mark your calendars and get ready to sign up as the classes come out.

One finally word about Rani:  She is sweet, sassy and completely unpredictable, so come in and find out what she has instore for us to learn…