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Weavers Rapid Warp Loom

Love to Weave??
Hate to Warp??

Learn  more about the newest advance in rigid heddle weaving right here at Get Stitchin’!

Come and learn how to use this rapid warp loom.  It is so amazing easy, you will not leave the shop without taking one home – it’s just that fantastic!!

This patent-pending heddle is made from a specialized self-lubricating plastic.   This plastic is extremely gentle to yarns – even handspun.  The heddle rides on the side rails of the loom.  Starting with an open shed – rotate the heddle forward and beat; rotate in the same direction and a new shed opens up; throw the shuttle; rotate again.   Rotate, beat, rotate, throw.   Rotate, beat, rotate throw.   No lifting of the heddle.

We have a floor model to show you how easy this loom is to use, so stop by today to see this newest advance in rigid heddle weaving.

Watch this video and you will see how wonderful this loom is to use….

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