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The Gentle Art Threads

Gentle ArtsThe Gentle Art Threads

Sampler Thread and Simply Shaker threads were developed to give new pieces an aged appearance.  The thread colors are muted; the color variations per strand are subtle.

Because these threads are hand-dyed in small amounts, there may e color and shade variations from dye lot to dye lot.  This evokes a “mood” rather than a static, assembly line look.  The threads are named with “moods” in mind — Evergreen, for example, can be like a blue spruce or Cape Cod scrub pine — each has different shading but are still an evergreen.  Please keep these changed in mind when you work with The Gentle Art Threads.

Part of the excitement of work with Sampler Threads and Simply Shaker is that no two stitched pieces will look the same.  Each finished piece is an original and gives reason to why many designers and stitchers like working with these threads.

We carry the full line of both Sampler Thread and Simply Shaker.  The Gentle Art is located in the USA.