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Made In Oklahoma

We are excited to start our new venture of Made In Oklahoma (MIO) products.  Please stop by our store and sign up for our newsletter as we get more and more MIO products.

We want to help support our local farmers and get good, quality yarn products to our customers.  As you look at the yarns and other supplies, please think about the time and resources these local farmers put in to make these quality products.  They work long, hard days to tend to their animals, maintain their gardens, then put up the products to sell.  We at Get Stitchin’ pay a higher wholesale price to get the products in and sell them at the price these families sell them at to ensure you get the benefit of the best price for their wonderful yarns and more.  Farmers don’t do this to get rich, they do it because they love their farm and need to at least break even.  Please stop by and support your local farmer.

We also support our local artists.  They worked to designed beautiful and unique products for you to use with our projects.  They work on their designs while holding down other jobs, so they can deliver quality products for your benefit.  By purchasing locally made products will help artists live their dreams.

We plan to increase our products as we meet more families who want to stock our shop with MIO products.

Click here to visit Heaven Sent Food and Fiber.

Click here to visit Heaven Sent Food and Fiber.

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