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Heaven Sent Food & Fiber

Who is Heaven Sent Food & Fiber?Heaven website2_edited-1Heaven Sent Food & Fiber is a sustainable farm, soap and yarn business managed by a partnership of two families. Moving from DFW, we (Paul and Coleen Thornton) started our 60 acre farm in 2009. Building on our experience market farming in Arlington, TX, we added hand-crafted goat milk soap and merino fleece and yarns, jersey dairy cows, ducks, and pigs. We quickly realized that the size and diversification was a complex system that required more hands, minds, creativity and technical knowhow than what the two of us could do. Paul is a fantastic builder, I know the husbandry, gardens and technical aspects of the soaps and fiber but there was still a big need for making things more efficient.


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Per Coleen:  I met Sue Riccelli through the Tahlequah Farmer’s Market, taught her how to drop spindle on a slow Saturday morning and a partnership was born. Sue brought her whole family into the loop as her husband Carl checks every egg for cracks and two grown sons help with the farm and soap projects. Sue was quickly up to speed on soap making and dyeing wool and took it from there. We often tell the story of how I taught Sue how to dye yarn one day, had to start dyeing before chores the following day, so that I could get some dyeing in before Sue arrived, and at that point she just “stole” the dye pots…and we are so glad she did. Sue helps us organize and streamline so that we can enjoy our work so much more. It’s wonderful to have Sue and family as partners in our effort to become a truly diversified, sustainable farm.

Below is a video of their day-in and day-out of working their farm and you can Click here to visit their website and learn more about their farm business and their Chameleon yarn!

What do they have to do with Get Stitchin’?

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We thought it would be a great idea to carry a line of yarns Made In Oklahoma and contacted Coleen.  This effort gives them a place to display their yarns year round and not just during market seasons.  She had Sue call us back and stop by to show off their awesome yarns.  We couldn’t resist their yarns, especially their chameleon yarn.  Their Chameleon yarns changes from gold in sun light to green in florescent lighting.  Stop by the store and we can demonstrate this neat yarn and you can feel how wonderful it is too.  We grabbed a few of each color, along with some roving yarns.  We are planning to grow our selection by bringing in soaps and more!  They are also going to join my teaching staff and offered to teach how to use a drop spindle and dying yarns.   We are very excited to be able to have their yarns at our store and hope you will stop by and support our local farmers.

Click here for a selection of their yarn…


What does it take to run a farm business?

We snagged a video of an interview with Coleen as she Oklahoma Horizon the ropes to working a farm.  We hope you enjoy it.  It is sure a great eye opener and makes you want to help support their business.