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Heaven Sent Food and Fiber Yarns

Locally owned fibers are combined in a perfected process to create beautiful yarns.  These natural and hand-dyed yarns are blended together to allow you a wonderful palette to create your new project.  You will find that Heaven Sent Food and Fiber produce some of the finest yarns in Oklahoma.

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Different Yarn Blends

Heaven Sent PhotoHeaven Sent Food and Fiber has worked with their yarns to find the best blends to produce yarns that are wonderful to work with.  Here are their three top blends we offer here at Get Stitchin’:

  1. Alpaca Blend is 80% Alpaca and 20% Silk
  2. Merino Blend is 55% Merino, 25%Bamboo, and 20% Silk
  3. Heaven Blend is 40% Merino, 30% Alpaca, and 30% Bamboo


Color Changing Yarn

No, it’s not magic, it is a special dye process that Heaven Sent Food and Fiber invented to produce this neat Chameleon yarn.

Color:  Chameleon

            Under Fluorescent Lighting                                                                                                                                         Under Natural Lighting

MBS Chameleon fing 2MBS Cameleon fing 1








Color Palette

Please know that each color may differ with different dye lots.  This happens due to the different fibers that are dyed, whether it is due to different breeds of animals and animals within the same breed.  If you need a large quantity of Heaven Sent Food and Fiber yarns, please let us know by calling us at 918-481-1055 or email us at

 Alizar Blue                                            Avocado                                         Belize Cay                                      Berry Berry                                 Bluebell

Alizar BlueAvocado_edited-1Belize CayBerry BerryBluebell







 Bright Aqua                                          Bright Turquois                           Bubble Gum                                   Butterscotch                              Café Au Lait

Bright AquaBright TurquoisBubble Gum final_edited-1ButterscotchCafe Au Lait







Cantaloupe                                        Cloudy Dawn Lights                       Crimson                                   Crimson & Cream                          Crown Nebula

Cantalope?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Crown Nebula







Frosted Iris                                      Fruit Loops Fun                       Heaven Sent Teal                             Hibiscus                                    Hunter’s Orange

Frosted Iris???????????????????????????????Heaven Sent TealHybiscusHunters Orange







It’s A Girl Pink                                 Joseph’s Coat                              Kaleidoscope                                   Magician’s Robe                   Mango Smoothie

Its A Girl Pink????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????







Merlot                                                  Monet’s Pallet                              Neon Green                                      NSU Green                                Orange

Merlot???????????????????????????????Neon Green??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????







Pacific Blue                                                Pink Azalea                              Pink Champagne                   Pumpkin Harvest                     Purple Fantasies

Pacific BluePink AzaleaPink ChampagnePumpkin Harvest???????????????????????????????







Rose Cottage                                               Sea Foam                                   Twilight Sky                           Vivid Violet

Rose CottageSea Foam???????????????????????????????Vivid Violet